About Us

Sudipto | Shounak | Sauvik | Sricharan | Shawn | Arpit

Dark Project is a rock band from the city of Bengaluru.  Their music is far from being “Dark” and reflects newer ideas that the band is open to exploring. The sound of the band has evolved over the years and presently the band just believes in making music that can establish a connect with the audience without genre boundaries.  There are guitar solos, to violin solos, to MIDI keyboards, to the drum and bass lock with vocal harmonies laid over. The band has in the past produced 3 albums and are presently searching for a new sound for their next. Below, you will find a brief history of the band.

Dark Project was formed in the year 2005 in a hostel room of IIT KGP. The intent at that time was to write songs based on life experiences using poetic graft to tell stories. The band members could barely manage their hostel fees, so buying expensive equipments was ‘out of the pocket’. So the band built their first guitar processors by themselves for 150 INR, cheap even considering the inflation 10 years back. The evidence of that equipment’s existence can still be heard in the band’s first album titled Chaos Sessions that came out right when the band members completed their graduation in the year 2007. This would start off a trial by patience for the band. Re-locations due to job needs, diverging interests of various band members, life priorities meant that Dark Project would have to wait to Jam, lest play a show.

Gathering the discrete pieces, Sudipto, Sauvik and Ugyal kept meeting over holidays to create special things. Their influences would range from bands like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Incubus and a whole lot of interesting music. They literally composed their second album while being remote over the internet. The album was recorded over a span of 7 days eventually at Bangalore and subsequently released in the year 2009 aptly titled – Liberty and Entropy. The band experimented with a lot of subjects in the album including a demonstration of their growing knowledge of writing complex chord structures. This was the time they started realizing the importance of Live music as they put together a plan to relocate to the same location. The band also met Korak Sarkar who would go on and become the permanent drummer of the band for the next 8 years to come.

The mission to get together in the same city resulted into each one of the band members putting up a plan to meet in the city of Bangalore and make it their abode in 2011. It didn’t take a lot of time to work on a set list that was pre mature with discrete shows up until now. Now for the first, it started sounding like a band rather than individual performances. Dark Project went on to do a string of shows at various venues in various cities of the country. The only thing that kept changing was their bassist. First Bakaraju Bharath, then Nachiketa, then Nikky, then Ananth and finally Daryl.

Dark Project went onto record their 3rd album in the year 2014. This time though, all the songs were composed only while jamming and nuances were figured out based on their live show experience. The band went on to release their single “Duality” with a music video. They were featured in various radio shows, newspapers, magazines and eventually were also aired frequently on television in channels like MTV Indies and 9XO music on heavy rotation.

Daryl had to leave to Netherlands to serve his company commitments and Ugyal started having health issues in Bangalore. All of a sudden, the band went into their first hiatus right at the time when they were getting the recognition in the city. What would follow after that, were a series of failed attempts by Sudipto, Sauvik and Korak to get the band together.

In April 2017, Korak introduced Sudipto to Shounak from IISc Bangalore. It didn’t take long for them to get to the same page, to the level of understanding that made them feel – “Why did we meet so late”? Shounak introduced the band to Sricharan on the bass and it just started sounding perfect from the first chord. Since then, it would be just an eagerness to meet over the weekends in a Jam room and pick up a setlist. The band started sounding better than where it left off. The creative juices started to flow yet again and it was the birth of something beautiful.

Korak left the band in December 2017, to pursue his post doctorate in USA. He was replaced by Shawn Jacob on the drums. Around February 2018, Arpit Behra joined the band on violin. This has added a different flavor to the band’s music as they delve in a new found sound with a lot of MIDI programming as well.

Dark Project is here to make music that would create a difference in the society in some form.