In search of the next level!

It’s all about finding your own space in an ever changing demography of listeners. Somewhere┬áin between that you have to evolve as a musician and at the same time continue to have a connect with your audience. But the most important thing is to learn everyday and we believe if we can continue doing that, the above two factors would be taken care of automatically.

Dark Project’s songs have been far from “Dark” and have reflected moods of melody that seemed incomplete┬áinstrumentally on some of the songs. This lead us to believe that a violin would really close that gap along with a MIDI keyboard. Hence began the quest for searching a person who could instantly connect with the band and improvise on our songs without much effort. Such a quest brought us to Arpit Behra, who appeared to be this unpolished diamond who was not too prejudiced to impose his training in Hindustani Classical music for 7 years on us. Instead, he was open to venture out with us in this journey. We hit it off with him from the very first day.


Now it’s all about finding that next level with him. Albeit we already have improvised on 5 of our songs with Arpit collaborating. There are some interesting times ahead of us musically. You have to be with us as we search for the “next level”.