Introducing Shawn Jacob!

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We started looking out for a drummer as soon as Korak gave us the dates of his departure from the band. This was like a typical 3 month notice period that most of the companies today ask from their employees. However, it’s hard to backfill someone so influential in even as many as 3-4 months time. We found it out the hard way. We went through atleast 10 drummers – jamming with them to see if they fit our music and most importantly our ideology. While we met a lot of talented people on the way – it still did not click to a point where we would say YES – he/she is the one!

However, something was special about a kid by the name of Shawn Jacob that got the band interested from the first day onwards. Shawn is from Trivandrum and comes with over 10 years of drumming experience. He is not only a drummer but a man who’s decided to dedicate his life to music. He does production for other bands, besides teaching drums at LetsMakeSomeMusic in Indiranagar. He occasionally indulges in teaching vocal classes as well which means Sudipto will now have two guys in the band who are more qualified than him to sing the seconds. Sri Charan being the other Indian Classical Vocalist.

Shawn has got the band wanting and willing to do things that we never achieved in the last 10 years. He pushes the bar a notch or two higher and his chemistry with SC on the bass is something to look out for (aka the drum-bass lock).  Ladies and Gentlemen – say hello to Shawn Jacob on the drums!!